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Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Find Us On Facebook

A patients fertility experiences with her acupuncturist Adam Leighton at the Eden Clinic.

Suzanne provides a candid and heart warming account of her fertility and labour induction journey.

Lucy's testimonial explains how her headaches, pelvic pain and labour were helped by acupuncture.

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Michael Dooley

04 October 2010

Adam Leighton and I have worked together for about 11 years. We have shared several patients and we both believe in a truly integrated approach to fertility care.

I find Adam extremely efficient and methodical in his patient care. He is an excellent communicator. What I particularly like about Adam is that he is extremely willing to discuss cases with other professionals in order to get the best treatment available for his patients.

Michael M Dooley
Consultant Gynaecologist


Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Georgie
Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Georgie testimonial


Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. twins2

My husband and I were trying to conceive for a few years without any success and it was an extremely painful time in our lives. We decided to pursue fertility treatment in conjunction with acupuncture as research indicated that acupuncture increased chances of conception.
I was a sceptic and not a fan of needles, but I was willing to try as nothing else seemed to work.

In our first meeting with Adam Leighton, he impressed us with his knowledge, professionalism and confidence. He was very thorough in his approach and assured us that he will be there step by step to help us on our journey. He made us feel at ease immediately.

Adam designed an acupuncture treatment plan to prep my body for the intensive fertility treatment, however before starting, we were advised by my doctors that I needed to have a myomectomy. This was devastating news as it meant that we would not be able to start fertility treatment until about 6 months after surgery. Adam not only redesigned his treatment plan quickly to now prep me for surgery but he helped me to see the positive side of surgery; not as a delay but as a necessary means for a successful outcome.

After the surgery, I continued my weekly acupuncture treatment with Adam and my doctors were astonished at how quickly my body recovered. I was ready to start my fertility treatment however, when they checked my FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) it was 12.4 U/L and it needed to be under 10 U/L. Another bump in the road. I felt like my chances in becoming a mother was slipping through my fingers. Through my tears, Adam helped me again to focus on the positive and he altered his acupuncture treatment to reduce the FSH.

A few months later, my FSH was rechecked and the results came back as 6.6 U/L. I couldn’t believe it. 6.6 U/L. Adam is a miracle worker!!!

I started the cycle of fertility treatment and Adam requested that I update him on a daily basis as to the results of all blood hormone tests so that he can adjust his acupuncture treatment plan accordingly. He also made himself available so that I can have acupuncture treatment before and after embryo transfer. Two weeks later we heard the words that we have been praying for ‘Congratulations, you’re pregnant!’ It was the best news ever and nothing could have topped that, or so we thought. On Christmas Eve we found out that I was expecting twins!!!

Adam’s expertise, commitment and support made our dreams come true. We cannot thank him enough.

- GP (2016)

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. twins1

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. jessicababy

Hi Adam,
Just to let you know our daughter was born 10 hours after yesterday's acupuncture session - in the water, very shortly after arriving at the birth centre. I never thought I could do it on gas and air, but I didn't have any choice in the end as it was all so quick!

Thanks for all your help and advice.
- Jessica (2016)

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. sleepingbaby

"Hi Adam! Just wanted to say a very big thank you because the one session I had with you did the trick! My baby boy was born last Sunday. Many of my friends due to deliver in the next few weeks have asked for your details so hopefully I will be sending lots of new patients your way. Thanks again"
- Dipa 2016

"I highly recommend Adam as an acupuncturist. I came to him in the summer after 3 years of suffering from debilitating hormonal acne on my cheeks and jawline, as well as having a pretty irregular menstrual cycle. Adam is very professional and careful in his treatments, making sure to understand the specifics of how you are feeling that day. His work is discrete and precise, and he is always sure to make sure you are not in any discomfort and are fully aware of what he will be doing that day. I went once a week for about 5 months and in that time my menstrual cycle became perfectly regular and I stopped getting acne. The treatment I received was different each time and specific to how I was doing that week. I have to say I was somewhat skeptical that acupuncture could help me after traditional medicine had not, but I am now an acupuncture convert, and recommend acupuncture to anyone for whatever health problem they are finding difficult to cure. The process of treating the whole body and addressing the root cause of ill health, not just its symptoms, is undoubtedly the logical way to approach healthcare. On top of that I must highly recommend Adam as being diligent, caring and professional at all times. Thanks again!"
- Sybil (2016)

Adam is absolutely wonderful at what he does and I wouldn't hesitate to visit him again for anything in the future. He has helped me to successfully kick-start labour with 2 of my pregnancies. Now that I teach antenatal classes I also recommend him to all my ladies and they speak very highly of him too!
- Sally Mistry (2015)

"Adam is very professional and uses a comprehensive approach to overall health rather than just focussing on one area. I found this really refreshing and the advice he gave me really beneficial. The treatments I received made a big difference to my health and wellbeing - from struggling to conceive, all the way through bringing on labour to giving birth quick and easy! Adam is more than just an Acupuncturist - he is a true healer."
- Lauret Hodgson (2015)

"The treatment from Adam Leighton really worked. My waters broke at 11.30pm and at 3am this morning our daughter was born. I can't thank you enough."
- Pesheya May 2014

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. 575babymontageNEW

"...Having tried for a baby for nearly 5 years, and undergone numerous fertility treatments, including 1 IVF cycle, a friend recommended Acupuncture to me, not only as a help for fertility, but to try and relieve the stresses that unsuccessful treatments can cause. Having visited Adam several times, I was amazed at how the acupuncture really did relax me and enable me to focus on myself for a change. We did undergo 1 further, unsuccessful IVF treatment, but are now the very proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, conceived naturally..."
- JR

"I went to see Adam a few weeks after the birth of my son, with reoccurring mastitis, breast engorgement and breast Thrush. Adam's acupuncture treatments greatly helped to reduce the pain and symptoms. Also the treatments very much energised me at a time when as a new mother I was absolutely exhausted. I have found Adam to be thoroughly professional and kind. Even in between sessions Adam would get more information about my issues in order to advise me on what I could do at home to alleviate my symptoms. He went above and beyond. Adam provided me with the very valuable support I needed to continue breastfeeding. Thank you Adam!"
-ZH (2015)

"Having struggled to get pregnant for many years, I turned to acupuncture to help strengthen and prepare my body for future fertility treatments.

I rate acupuncture as being a key factor in my getting pregnant on my first IVF attempt.

We are now the proud parents of a gorgeous baby boy and will be turning once again to Adam and acupuncture to maximise my chances of conceiving again."

- M

"...Hope to bring the boys to say hello to you soon, Thanks again for all your help getting them here."
- NW

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Luca Mistry

"Thank you so much for the acupuncture that helped bring baby L out into this world! It was the most relaxing experience and the water birth at Edgware birthing centre was perfect. I simply can’t thank you enough!!"
- With love S, A & L

"I have suffered from endometriosis for more than 15 years. I would experience excruciating pain before and during my period coupled with very heavy blood loss. I have tried all sorts of medication, some more effective than others. When I was scheduled for my fourth laparoscopy, I felt reluctant to go through with yet another invasive procedure and decided to explore other options.

A family friend had recommended acupuncture and after researching it on the internet, I decided to give it a go. I first saw Adam more than 2 years ago. Within a few months, he was able to regulate my cycle and reduce the amount of pain I was experiencing. For the first time in many years, I hardly needed to take pain relief.

When my partner and I decided to try for a baby, we worried that we would face years of challenges and obstacles in the attempt to have a child of our own. Adam was able to customise my treatments accordingly and much to our delight, I fell pregnant within 3 months. I have no doubt that the acupuncture played a vital role in relieving the symptoms of my endometriosis and preparing my body for pregnancy. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy and couldn’t be happier."
- KJ

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Morrissey

"Just to let you know the exciting news that our gorgeous little boy Morrissey was born naturally at 1.15am Sunday morning. I started getting mild contractions around 7.30pm Sat, went for a hearty uphill walk at 9.30 and was in active labour by 10.30! Got to the hospital just before 12 and he was born not long after.

Sadly the supervising midwife at the birth centre wouldn't take us at 11pm given it was the 12th day overdue and the baby would have had to be born by midnight. So that was disappointing but the labour was so fast it was all over before I knew it anyway.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your contributions towards encouraging our little boy to come out safely and soundly and before medical induction interventions were going to start to be recommended. Having never tried it before now I would definitely recommend acupuncture to others wanting a natural helping hand as an alternative to hospital inductions.

Keep up the good work!!"

- Connie & Morrissey

"I first went to see Adam to treat my migraines back in January 2006. I was experiencing migraines which would lead to needing time off work so I knew something had to be done. The acupuncture takes the whole body into account so I saw Adam regularly and after a few months the migraines were already weaker and less frequent. I took a break from treatment for 15 months returning in July 2008 after the migraines kicked back in and my husband and I had been trying for a baby for a year. With further treatment for the migraines and his advice to seek tests, we discovered I had polycystic ovaries which needed strong treatment to encourage ovulation. The acupuncture worked in conjunction with the treatment which meant that I didn't have to take the strong medication for more than 2 months. Ovulation was successful and I fell pregnant in early 2009. I continued the acupuncture to support the pregnancy and help generate energy to combat my low iron levels. We are very pleased to say that Beulah was born in November 2009 and all is well. The headaches have held off for now... Thanks"
- Celeste

"Just wanted to say thank you for everything, can’t believe we have a little baby girl born 23 Jan 2010 weighing 6lb 9oz... Love"
- J & J

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. 575babymontage3NEW

"I have large babies. My first child was 9'11 and my second was 9'7 both born naturally so when I found out I was pregnant for a third time I was not looking forward to the birth !!!

My second was born 17 days late and I had to be induced. I decided to try acupuncture to see if it would help alleviate some of the worries I had about child birth after the harrowing time I had with my second pregnancy.

Acupuncture definitely worked for me. The sessions I had kept me calm, helped my terrible sickness and during childbirth I feel it actually helped me feel more in control over what was happening to my body, my child and my labour. My baby was born naturally and weighed 9’13 with no pain relief.

I am now booking some sessions to help me cope with the stress of 3 children !!!"
- CW

"Hi Adam - sorry to bother you but just had to say a big thank you for today’s session. I felt so much better, had a great day and to top it off just got a positive ovulation LH surge – yipppeee."
- RM

"Hi Adam, Introducing the new little man in our lives. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and guidance throughout the last couple of years. As you can see it has definitely been worth it!! We couldn’t be happier."
- KW

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Harry and Theo 1

"When we started IVF treatment for our first baby we wanted to do everything possible to help it work. Both me and my husband saw Adam for acupuncture, I became pregnant and lo and behold, our 1 good embryo not only implanted successfully but became 2! Now we have beautiful identical twin boys who are just amazing. Thank you."
- JC

"I wanted to let you know that I got a positive pregnancy test last week! A blood test today showed a very high level of the pregnancy hormone.

My husband and I are so happy but will take it a week at a time until the 12 week mark.

Many thanks for your care during my IVF. I truly believe you had a huge contribution to our success and will recommend it!"
- AB

"Thank you so much for the acupuncture treatments to induce labour and helped to bring baby Violet into the world without the need for artificial induction. I have recommended your therapy and passed your number on to the Barnet Community Midwives. I would be more than happy for you to pass my number on to prospective clients if ever an endorsement is required."
- MP

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. 575babymontage2NEW

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Olivia Evans

"Having suffered from heavy and painful periods for many years that left me feeling drained and tired I decided to try acupuncture to relieve these symptoms. I came to Adam in the summer of 2009 and after just a couple of months of regular treatments and following his dietary advice there was a significant reduction in my menstrual flow and an increase in my energy levels.

In January 2010 I fell pregnant with my third child and acupuncture greatly helped me with pubic symphysis pain and poor circulation. In October I gave birth to Baby Olivia naturally.

Acupuncture is an effective natural treatment, and Adam's warm and friendly nature made me feel very comfortable"
- Maria

"Many thanks for all your help in Spring 2010. We had an action packed Summer and Autumn... without a panic attack. Now we are delighted to be joined by our new addition"
- Annette

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Annette LintonNEW

"I went for weekly acupuncture after 16 months trying to conceive my second child. I was pretty low spirited and didn't really think that it would help but thought that I would give it a go. Meeting Adam, I was impressed by his deep knowledge on fertility from a scientific as well as holistic approach and his understanding of my emotional journey. The sessions were a mix of chat and treatment and I found his advice about how to monitor my cycle and my (and my partners) diet, vitamin intake and environmental factors very useful. It made me feel back in control and able to understand my body and the best time to conceive. Amazingly, after seeing Adam for two cycles I did fall pregnant and our beautiful baby boy was born in December 2010. "
- LY

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Antonia and Barnaby

"Despite already having one gorgeous son, Milo, I came to Adam very despondent, having experienced a miscarriage and feeling anxious that it seemed to be taking me a long time to fall pregnant again.

I am fairly sceptical of complementary therapies, but Adam's rational, confident and soothing manner quickly reassured me that he would be able to help me - I immediately trusted him which was crucial to me, especially as I was sharing such a personal scenario.

I found our first session fascinating - in addition to examining me, he also asked in-depth questions about all aspects of my health and broader life - emotional and physical. After my first treatment I experienced a sensation of deep relaxation - almost dreaminess - which lasted all day, a huge relief from the stress I had been experiencing. I also joked with Adam at the end of our first meeting, 'so, am I pregnant now?!'...

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. Barnaby

Well, within a short course of acupuncture, during which I also followed Adam's diet and lifestyle advice, I did conceive, and now have a second amazing son, Barnaby!

I strongly believe that Adam's therapy promoted and improved my physical and psychological state, helping me attain the optimum condition for conception and pregnancy."

- Kind regards, Antonia

Dear Adam, this is a very late thank you for all your support over the 9 months and earlier! We had a little boy on 30 Jan 2014 after 41 weeks by elective caesarean. Just beginning to settle down now!

You'll be glad to know we named him ADAM :). Wishing you all the best... Thanks!!
- Nevine, Mo & Adam

Wow Adam, your treatment really worked yesterday, my waters broke at 11.30pm and at 3am this morning our daughter Annabelle was born weighing 8lb 4oz! I can't thank you enough. We are both fine just a little sleepy.
- Pesheya

Fertility and Obstetrics Testimonials. shilpababy

Hi Adam. You saw me last Friday quite short notice. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last night. Thank you very much for everything.
- Shilpa

I went to see Adam a few weeks after the birth of my son, with reoccurring mastitis, breast engorgement and breast Thrush. Adam's acupuncture treatments greatly helped to reduce the pain and symptoms. Also the treatments very much energised me at a time when as a new mother I was absolutely exhausted.

I have found Adam to be thoroughly professional and kind. Even in between sessions Adam would get more information about my issues in order to advise me on what I could do at home to alleviate my symptoms. He went above and beyond. Adam provided me with the very valuable support I needed to continue breastfeeding. Thank you Adam!

- ZH

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